UPDATE: We have temporarly closed the Volunteer Sign Up, since there were so many of you lovely people intrested in volunteering. Thank you! We will get in touch with you soon. (We may open the Sign Up again later on, if we need more people.)

Want to volunteer?

Short on money? Or just want to join all the fun while also getting to know a lot of awesome people? Join the Volunteer Team!

We need volunteers to help with these areas:

  • Registration: At the Registration table your task is to register participants Friday night and Saturday morning. You welcome them to the festival, give them a wristband, and check their name off the participant’s list.
  • Entrance: You check the participants’ wristbands and welcome them to the party.
  • ​Selling t-shirts
  • Cleaning: The cleaning squad will make sure that the floor is swept and that the place is tidy and nice after the party. ​

Discount & Registration

As a volunteer, you will get a free party pass for the whole weekend (value 650SEK) in exchange for four hours of your time or a free entrance one night (value 300SEK, if you sign-up for classes) for two hours of work. Please note that if you register as a volunteer AND want to take a daytime class you must register for the festival as well. Remember to write that you are volunteering in the festival registration and you will get a discount on your invoice.