Malmö Spring Jump 2022 has three main Lindy Hop tracks, starting from Intermediate up to Advanced classes. Each track consists of at least eight hours of teaching.

There will also be a Lindy Hop Beginners Workshop in collaboration with the local dance school HepTown and local teachers.

All workshop classes are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday (no later than 18.00 on Sunday).

Lindy Hop – Intermediate

You have been dancing for a while and are actively social dancing. You feel comfortable with swingout, lindy circle, tuck turn, charleston variations and other basic 8 and 6 count material. You have probably heard of terms like Connection and Musicality. In this level you will build up your lead and follow techniques, musicality, learn classic lindy hop moves as well as new material and improve your styling.

Lindy Hop – Intermediate/Advanced

You have been dancing for a couple of years and you can confidently dance all the basic patterns mentioned for the Intermediate level and also variations of those patterns. There will be a lot of new material and different tempos to expand and improve your dictionary of moves and technique.

Lindy Hop – Advanced

Stuff starts to get really hard in this level. Patterns, figures and basic dance technique will be presented in a more challenging way. Here the teaching pace will be quicker and classes will cover all tempos. A very intense and exciting level if you are ready for it!

Lindy Hop Beginners Weekend

In collaboration with the local dance school HepTown and local teachers.


Introductory course for you who have no knowledge of Lindy Hop, or took a couple of courses a long time ago and need to brush up the basics again. You will learn different basic steps, the most common figures and basic leading/following techniques. The aim of the introductory course is to enable you to dance with the rest of us during social dance nights.

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