Welcome to Malmö Spring Jump 2020, 1-3 May

We are proud to present the teachers of the 9th edition of Malmö Spring Jump and they are:

– Cat Foley & Michaela Delmonte
– Daniel Larsson & Tatiana Udry
– Evgeniia Zlatina & Alexey Kazennov
…and Authentic Jazz teacher – Joyss!


And this year we have a special treat for you. We have gathered up the best swing musicians from our local swing scene, and we are so very excited to present to you: Roger Berg Big Band, Mimi Terris and Nanna Carling Swing Band!


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Thursday Pre Party

On Thursday night, the 30th of April, there will be a Pre Party to Malmö Spring Jump. Come and celebrate the arrival of spring with the Swedish tradition Valborg. We can’t promise you a bonfire, but we can promise you fiery swing music and good times.




  Lindy Beg/Int 1 750 SEK Sign-up
  Lindy Intermediate 1 750 SEK Sign-up
  Lindy Int/Adv 1 750 SEK Sign-up
  Lindy Advanced 1 750 SEK Sign-up
  Solo Jazz 1 750 SEK Sign-up
  Party Pass 650 SEK Sign-up
  Friday Party 250 SEK Pay at the door
  Saturday Party 350 SEK Pay at the door
  Sunday Party 150 SEK Pay at the door
  • All Classes includes a Party Pass, as well as Elective Classes and Tasters
  • The Party Pass includes the Elective Classes and Tasters
  • One-Day-Party-tickets are sold only at the door, and the Taster for that night is included in the fee

Note! To secure your ticket, we need your payment within one week after you have got a confirmation email from us.

Registration lottery first weekend for lindy hop classes

We know that there can be some pressure to sign-up as fast as possible to be accepted to a swing-event due to leader/follower-balance. In an effort to take some pressure away of signing-up right as the registration opens, we will do a registration lottery. If you sign-up during the first weekend of registration (before midnight on 2nd of February), you’ll have an equal chance to be accepted. After that, there will be a typical queue to ensure a good balance of followers and leaders in the Lindy Hop classes.

Cancellation terms

We’re sorry, we can not offer a refund on your ticket, except in case of illness with a medical certificate.

However, it is possible to try and sell your ticket instead. The selling of the ticket will be arranged between the seller and buyer themselves. Note! When checking in to Malmö Spring Jump, some kind of confirmation may be requested (for instance a confirmation email from the seller).

Want to volunteer?

UPDATE: We have temporarly closed the Volunteer Sign Up, since there were so many of you lovely people intrested in volunteering. Thank you! We will get in touch with you soon. (We may open the Sign Up again later on, if we need more people.)

Short on money? Or just want to join all the fun while also getting to know a lot of awesome people? Join the Volunteer Team!

We need volunteers to help with these areas:

  • Registration: At the Registration table your task is to register participants Friday night and Saturday morning. You welcome them to the festival, give them a wristband, and check their name off the participant’s list.
  • Entrance: You check the participants’ wristbands and welcome them to the party.
  • ​Selling t-shirts
  • Cleaning: The cleaning squad will make sure that the floor is swept and that the place is tidy and nice after the party. ​

Discount & Registration

As a volunteer, you will get a free party pass for the whole weekend (value 650SEK) in exchange for four hours of your time or a free entrance one night (value 300SEK, if you sign-up for classes) for two hours of work. Please note that if you register as a volunteer AND want to take a daytime class you must register for the festival as well. Remember to write that you are volunteering in the festival registration and you will get a discount on your invoice.