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2012 was Malmö Spring Jump’s first year…

A small group of people – the organizers of the local dance scene – took the first steps in making the workshop come together when they asked teachers Trisha Sewell and Benjamin Cook to come and teach at their camp.

The group wanted to create something of their own at their local scene, and inspired by the variety of other workshops, they decided to make Malmö Spring Jump.

The idea was to have a spring workshop, since we all believe Malmö is at its best in spring. Most of the time; the weather is good, the city is bursting with life after the long and cold winter, and if you are brave, you can even have a swim in the sea. Well, it is still quite cold, we warned you! But why not have a traditional sauna at Ribbersborgs Kallbadhus before, that’ll warm you up for sure!

You can also stroll around the city centre which is small and easy accessible. Don’t miss eating a falafel (it’s Malmö’s traditional dish), be sure to make a stop at the Malmö Chocolate factory and at the small beer brewery, or have a picnic in one of Malmö’s many parks.

Cats’ Corner

Malmö Spring Jump is organized by the local non-profit organization Cats’ Corner.

Home Page: http://www.catscorner.se/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/catscornermalmo/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/catscornermalmo/

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