Malmö Spring Jump is an international swing dancing festival with workshops, social dancing to live bands and lots of other fun activities. We primarily focus on the swing dance Lindy Hop.

Malmö is best in springtime

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden and is located in the very south of the country.

Since we all believe that Malmö is at its best in spring, the idea for Malmö Spring Jump was to have av spring workshop. In spring the weather is good (most of the time), the city is bursting with life after the long and cold winter, and if you are brave, you can even have a swim in the sea. Well, it is still quite cold, we warned you! But why not have a traditional sauna at Ribbersborgs Kallbadhus before, that’ll warm you up for sure!

You can also stroll around the city centre which is small and easy accessible. Don’t miss eating a falafel (it’s Malmö’s traditional dish), be sure to make a stop at the Malmö Chocolate factory and at the small beer brewery, or have a picnic in one of Malmö’s many parks.


Malmö Spring Jump is an event celebrating the important things in life such as love, euphoria and dancing. This yearly meeting allows us to enjoy our time with old friends from all over Europe and lots of new friends through all kind of outdoors and indoors activities.

We want to create a fun and varied schema through our concept classes, tasters and hang out activities, so that we can all learn from the best dancers. Together we will develop our best dancing skills – sharing is caring!


It all started in 2012, when a small group of people took the first steps in making the workshop come together when they asked teachers Trisha Sewell and Benjamin Cook to come and teach in our scene. The group wanted to create something of their own at their local scene, and inspired by the variety of other workshops, they made Malmö Spring Jump come true.

Through hard work and lots of giggles Malmö Spring Jump has actually started to reach some international acknowledge. Fantastic dancers such as Skye & Frida, Tatiana, Peter & Pavli, Sylvia & Peter, Kevin & Jo and Ksenia Parkhatskaya have already joined us. We would love you to join our family too!

Get ready to shake that body to the best bands, Hot Sugar Band, Gordon Webster, Reverent Juke, and Shirt Tail Stompers have already made us feel the groove, don’t miss out on more of that amazing swing music.


The festival is organised by the local non-profit organisation Cats’ Corner.

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