Pavli & Peter


Photo source: Dragon Swing

They met in 2012 at a little jazz concert in Bratislava, both excited about swing dance and music, both living in area where there was not much swing dancing going on. Imagine the soul match!

Today Peter and Pavli are seen in finals of competitions all around the continent, teach more and more internationally and belong to exciting young talented teachers of Lindy Hop in Europe.

Typical for Pavli, coming from Czech Republic, is her red hair, lovely smile and decent elegant style spiced up with rocking swivels! Peter is a temperament Slovak with artistic soul, obsessed with jazz & swing music who is a real explosion of energy and creativity not only on on the dancing floor! Together their styles make inspiring contrast and harmony at once.

In 2013 they joined with three more Lindy hoppers, started a swing dance school in Brno and call themselves the Swing Wings. During the past two years the Swing Wings have built a team of eight teachers and a beautiful dance scene of unique spirit, epic parties and almost three hundred dancers.

Nancy & Ben

NancyNancy ”-I love swing dance. I love swing jazz. Lindy hop has captured my imagination for almost 10 years. What better way to connect with people?! I have taught for 5+ years. Nothing brings me greater joy then bringing people together to celebrate dance, enjoy quality movement, and hear a cookin’ band. I currently teach for Swing Patrol at their Old Street and Homerton venues. Most often you will see me teaching in London with Saul Albert and Riccardo Ferretti and outside of London occasionally with Benjamin Cook and others. Professionally, I am a Canadian dancer, performer, opera producer and fundraiser living in London, England (with a brief sojourn in San Francisco, CA). You’ll often find me travelling internationally to perform and teach cabaret, charleston and lindy hop.”


Ben-Suzi-Q-BWBenjamin originally hails from Melbourne, Australia, where he found swing dancing in 2006. He now lives in London; teaching, performing and travelling the world chasing Lindy Hop. Benjamin is a full time Lindy Hopper and currently runs two weekly swing venues in London, two performance troupes, and has taught all around Europe for the last 8 years. Proud to have come from a background without professional dance training, he has placed in over 30 different competitions around the world, is a 2-time UK Lindy Hop Champion and also won the Advanced Strictly Lindy at ILHC in 2013. Benjamin’s ability to break down moves and ideas into surprisingly manageable pieces, and attention to personal detail of his students has earned him a reputation as one of the UK’s most prominent instructors. Ben loves to teach people all the things that he loves about swing, and his number one goal is always to show dancers the ways to exceed their own expectations without straying from having fun!


Tatiana Udry


Today, Tatiana Udry (Montpellier, France) is a new star of the world of swing dance. It has numerous titles in Solo Charleston, Jazz Roots and Blues as well as in Lindy Hop. Tatiana is known for her endless energy, her flexibility and her captivating stage presence. Sure you cannot stop looking at her ! Her movement is cheerful and creative, very positive energy and with a unique style.

She learnt classical and modern jazz for 12 years. After she discovered the couple dances before specializing in the lindy hop and charleston. She teaches Lindy Hop, Charleston and Solo Jazz Roots. Impressive for ease of movement, her technical maturity despite her young age and her craziness!

She has won many competitions in different categories: Solo blues, jazz and roots charleston, j&j, strictly, and also team, in prestigious events like: European Swing Dance Championships (2015, 2013, 2011), International Lindy Hop Championships (2013, 2012), Lindy Shock, and Paris Jazz Roots.