Live Music

Hot Sugar Band [FR]

Playing at both party nights on Friday and Saturday.

hot sugar bandBorn in 2010, the Hot Sugar Band has become one of the top-rated bands in the world of Lindy hop and Swing dance in general. Based in Paris, and featuring some of the finest musicians of the French swing and jazz scene, the band has performed in many of the most important swing events all around the world, including Sweden, Hungaria, Lithuania, Canada, Spain, South Korea, China, Italy, the Netherlands…and the list goes on!

Its unique, highly-recognizable sound, at the crossing of John Kirby’s sextet, Django Reinhardt big band works, and Count Basie and Duke Ellington’s classics, in addition to the band’s endless energy on stage, have contributed to make them one of the most-demanded bands in the world of swing dance, with 160+ shows over the last three years.

M&M’s Swing Orchestra [SE]

Playing at the Tea Dance on Sunday afternoon/early evening.

Mimi Terris

She has been called one of Swedens’ foremost and original jazz vocalists and songwriters – Mimi Terris, our very own, local jazz queen from Malmö.

Terris’ music alternate effortlessly between genres from swing jazz to traditional, Swedish folk songs, mixed with blues and tango. Her songwriting is both unique and familar at the same time.

M&M stands for Mimi Terris & Måns Persson and together they will present to you classic American swing tunes, and also some of Mimi’s own compositions of swing music in Swedish.