Ksenia Parkhatskaya

Ksenia Parkhatskaya is one of the most interesting and versatile of contemporary artists in the field of jazz and swing dance. Trained in ballroom dance since the age of six, modern jazz and theatre since 2006. Ksenia is one of todays most famous Authentic Jazz and Charleston dancers. Her unique style and amazing technique has captivated audiences all over the world.

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Rikard & Jenny

Rikard Ekstrand and Jenny Deurell, are both members of Harlem Hot Shots – the famous Swedish dance group, whom we of course are very proud of.

Jenny has as long history with dancing and performing, and got her passion for jazz and singing from her mother at a very early age. In 2003 she started performing with the dance troup Shout n’ feel it in Stockholm and in 2005 she became a member of the performance group Harlem Hot Shots. Dancing and performing with the Harlem Hot Shots has also made her a skilled Charleston and jazz dancer. Jenny has been teaching since 2004 with a variety of dance partners, her focus is on musicality and improvisation.

Rikard Ekstrand was first inspired to start dancing in the early age of seven. Today it’s his life and his way of living. His focus in swingdancing and teaching lies in the art of rhythm, music and partnering. Except from swing dancing, Rikard is also a quite wellknown street dancer in Sweden. He sees swing dancing as an art form and a culture legacy. Recreation of old techniques and styles is what makes Rikard go wild. In 2006 Rikard started his cooperation with the Harlem Hot Shots and in 2008 he became a member. He is also a member of the Hornsgattan Ramblers Swing Band.

Jill & Alex

Jill De Muelenaere started dancing at an early age, just like many others great dancers. She is trained in classical ballet, contemporary dance, modern jazz and jazz dance. She discovered lindy hop while at University and since then has been teaching and attending numerous workshops around Europe. Jill has placed in a number of international lindy hop competitions and is now teaching in Brussels and Belgium regularly. When teaching lindy hop her goal is to create a joyful yet challenging and encouraging experience for everyone, allowing each dancer to develop his/her own individuality on the social dance floor.

Alexandre McCormack has also been dancing from a very early age. He started with breakdancing and other hip-hop dances. He has been teaching for the past ten years and has taken part in many competitions. Henceforth, his passion and his will is to share and continue with authentic jazz dances and lindy hop.

Peter & Elle

Peter Kepič was the first Slovak jazz dancer known internationally, travelling around Europe, teaching and winning competitions. His obsession with swing and jazz music started along with his musical background in his childhood, playing the saxophone. Jazz dancing was introduced to him later in life, not so long ago in Bratislava, first with boogie woogie, but now mostly lindy hop and authentic jazz. As a dancer and teacher he feels the need to share his passion, joy and craziness that possesses his face and body every time a swing song starts to play. He is a swing geek, spending nights digging in old clips and music, searching for new inspiration for his solo dancing and teaching. Taking his class is unique and inspiring experience.

As a child, Elle Brenecki was already dancing to anything she could get her hands on from modern jazz to Ukrainian folk dance. When she discovered lindy hop and swing music in her hometown of Adelaide, Australia, there was no turning back and her classes truly display her passion and joy for the dance. With her own particular style and energy, she is always looking for new shapes and rhythms to inspire and communicate with her partner. Elle encourages creativity and the freedom of expression within the dance and believes that lindy hop is a conversation between two people and the music.

Alberto & Barbara

These two hep cats met at the sunny Italian seaside a few years ago in Genova. Since that they love to dance together, enjoy the music, share ideas and fooling around on the dance floor. In the classroom they are super passionate and energetic about each material. It’s gonna be the first time in Malmö and they really can’t wait to see and to dance with all of you.

Barbara started to dance at age nine. Ballet, modern jazz and ballroom dances gave her classic technique and stable base. She loves to spice up that with the energy and craziness of jazz. When teaching, it’s important to her to build up well structured classes. She tries to help her students to reach strong body awareness, to improve their technical skills, but can’t miss out some fun figures or games on each class.

Alberto Meucci discovered lindy hop in 2015, and it was love at first dance. He threw himself into the world of swing, specialising in lindy hop and jazz roots, but trying out evering from blues to shag and balboa. He sees every lindy hopper a source of inspiration, be it a teacher or student of his. Dancing is energy and freedom to him, and that is what he hopes to share with the rest of the world.

alberto & barbara