DJ Cardigan [UK]

Hailing from the seething metropolis that is London. Sarah Spoon (aka DJ Cardigan), has an eclectic taste that is much in demand at Lindy Hop, Blues and Balboa events alike. No two sets are exactly the same. Whatever the tempo, you can count on DJ Cardigan to pick tunes with a grooving beat and a strong melody.

Photo by Oscar Persson

DJ Ace [SWE]

Anton Cervin, aka DJ Ace, is our awesome local DJ veteran from Malmö. DJ Ace is a huge nerd when it comes to music, and swing jazz in particular. If 78 rpm records is your thing – this is the man to talk to! Anton has been dancing lindy hop since 2002 and have been DJ-ing just as long. His favourite type of swing jazz is usually from the 1930’s and 40’s, and has a lot of cool rhythms and riffs to dance to.

dj ace_edited

Photo by Oscar Persson

DJ Per [SWE]

His ever fluctuating taste in swing and swinging jazz, covers everything from 1930’s syncopation, late 1940’s pre-bop, late 1950’s groove jazz, to contemporary swing and of course a great deal of pumping original swing era stuff. Per Liljesson, aka DJ Per, has coordinated many DJ events and socials in Gothenburg, and has been a Staff DJ at Lindy Shock and at One Minute Challange, and has done a dozen of guest sets in Herräng, to name a few. From DJ Per, you can expect good rythms, contageous riffs and inspired solos to challange you on the dance floor.

DJ Per