Mimi Terris [SE]

Playing at the Friday Night Party.

Mimi 2

Based in Malmö, Mimi Terris is our local pride and joy, and one of Sweden’s top jazz singer and composer. With her unique lyrics and one-of-a-kind voice she will bring a warm welcome to our Friday Night Party.

Roger Berg Big Band [SE]

Playing at the Saturday Night Party.

Roger Berg 1

On the Saturday Night Party it will be a bit crowded on stage when Roger Berg and his Big Band will enter the stage. This band consist of many of the best jazz musicians in the region of Öresund, with up to as many as 20 men performing. This group of highly skilled musicians will play many of the classic arrangements of Count Basie, Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey and Duke Ellingtong among others.

Nanna Carling Swing Band [SE]

Playing at the Sunday Tea Dance.

Nanna Carling

Nanna Carling comes from a large family of great musicians, like her very much famous aunt Gunhild Carling. Nanna Carling and her swing band has an average age less than 25 years, but don’t let their young age fool you. These are a group of highly skilled musicians with an awsome groove. Look forward to an exciting evening with a touch of vaudeville.