Catrine Ljunggren and Jonas Nermyr

Catrine Ljunggren

Catrine Ljungcatrinegren is a lady with many skills. As a dancer, teacher, performer & swing organizer she specializing in Lindy Hop, Tap, Jazz as well as Argentine Tango. During her 30+ years as a swing dancer she has been traveling around the world teaching and performing and been part of many productions, musicals, commercials and tv appearance.

Catrine is one of six founders and original members of the legendary dance group The Rhythm Hot Shots who learned the Lindy Hop directly from Al Minns and Frankie Manning. Together with the dance group she was the founder of Herräng dance camp and owner until 2002. She also organized Hop The Millennium, a swing camp that took place in Ensenada, Mexico and was attended by more than 450 people from all over the world. She was part of organizing LHAIF and during her 10 years in San Francisco,she runed her own swing place called Cat’s Corner which is still going on today. She also had the opportunity to work on a George Lucas movie, “Red Tails”. Catrine has been teaching around the world spreading the joy of Lindy Hop every since she started and today she also runs her own dance school “Jamboree” in Jönköping.

Catrine is among many things known for her high and positive energy and she has an eye for details that helps her bring the students to a higher level.

Jonas Nermyr

Jonas Nermyr first started dancing at the age of 8 years old, and it quickly became his biggest interest. Initially beginning with Swedish bugg, he soon movejonasd on to lindy hop, which captured him and focused his interest on African American culture. Swing and jazz, dance and music! All his spare time was spent in the dance studio, practicing to develop his skills, and during the weekend he was either competing or performing.

Jonas was a leading member of the swing dance company Basie’s Bunch for more than ten years, and a member of the Swedish Lindy Hop National Team. Merits include a 5th place in the 1995 World Championship, 2nd place in the 1999 World Championship, and numerous gold, silver and bronze medals in the Swedish Championships.

In his early twenties, Jonas moved to Stockholm to study at a professional ballet, jazz and contemporary dance school. Since graduating in 2006 he has been working as a freelance dancer, teacher and choreographer.

Pontus Persson & Isabella Gregorio

Isabella Gregorio is a well-known international dancer. She teaches and performs around the globe, exhilarating students and audiences of all ages. She is well known for her crazy style and her great expression. Her professional career started in Italy 2002, with a quick start of claiming several titles in numerous international competitions as well as teaching across the world together with Vincenzo Fesi. Isabella has been dancing different kinds of dance since she was a child.pontus-och-isabella2

Pontus Persson has been dancing since he was 5 years old, actively competing (since the age of 6) and started teaching professionally as a 16-year old. After graduating, he moved to Stockholm in 2008 to evolve his dancing with the show company Harlem Hot Shots. He has since then been spreading the dance through shows, competitions and teaching.

Isabella and Pontus started to actively dance together January 2011. With light attitude, their classes are known for being highly pedagogical, technical and focusing on individual
improvement. Together they have won the hearts of audiences around the world and been able to collect following titles:
5 years consecutive Swedish Champions in both Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie
5 years consecutive Vice World Champions in Boogie Woogie
4 years consecutive award winners at ILHC (Various divisions)
and more…

One clip, among many, of Pontus and Isabella dancing together can be found on youtube:



Pavlina Grombirikova & Peter Kepic (Cz)

From Brno in Czech Republic.


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