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Classes and Parties

Full weekend pass, including classes and parties: 1700 SEK

Early Bird –  Applicable for the first 20 people who register: 1500 SEK

The workshop will include at least 8 hours of classes Saturday and Sunday and parties Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Party Pass

Friday, Saturday and Sunday party pass: 750 SEK



Our camp depends on all the fantastic people that want to help and volunteer.
We offer volunteering foremost to our local dancers, but are you an international guest and want to volunteer you can send us an email at

All volunteers will get a discount on the price. We will not be able to offer enough work for a discount of the whole weekend during the weekend.


Refund Policy

After April 15 you may only cancel if you become ill and if you can show a medical certificate of your illness – no exceptions will be made. And again we will take a administrative fee of 200 SEK even if you have an medical certificate.

Transfer Ticket
You may request to transfer your ticket by contacting the crew of Malmö Spring Jump ( If there is a waiting list for your specific ticket (Lead/Follow, Level 1,2,3), you must transfer your ticket to the first person on the waiting list. Otherwise, you must yourself recruit somebody to sign up for your ticket.


2 thoughts on “Register

  1. Hi, I am from New Brunswick Canada and will be visiting a friend in Lund while your Spring Event takes place. Is it possible to only attend the Sunday tea party as we would not be available Friday and Saturday night?

    We would be three of us, two of us are from Canada plus our friend from Lund. If it is possible, please let us know the cost and how we can make arrangement to register for the tea party before we leave New Brunswick.



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