LEVEL DESCRIPTION from 2016 – Levels will be similar in 2017

(Intermediate) Track 1
For local students: You should either have attended the intermediate level at least once or the beginners-intermediate level together with a lot of social dancing when the workshop starts. Plus:
You are a dancer at an intermediate level and by now you are a regular in your dance scene. You lead or follow with confidence and you have a repertoire of figures and variations. You have started to realize the importance of technique and you have started to implement it. Now you want to learn more!

(Intermediate Advanced) Track 2
For local students: You should have attended intermediate at least twice at a minimum, and preferably you’ve also taken the intermediate-advanced course in Malmö. Plus:
You have a broad repertoire; and you are experimenting with both styles and rhythms. Slow or fast tempo is not intimidating. You’re working to improve your technique, improvisation and musicality. At this level you also have an understanding of connection and flow in the dance. You travel to international workshops on a regular basis. If you apply to this level, you must be prepared to do an audition.

(Advanced) Track 3
For local students: You know if you are at this level. You have attended all available levels, and it’s not a surprise if you are a teacher. Plus:
You can say with confidence that you have fulfilled the above listed criteria. You’ve realized it’s all about the basics and the quality of a movement, rather than how many moves you know. You are happy to practice one simple thing just to get it right, rather than rushing through it. At this level you understand that in order to go forward in your dance you have to look within yourself. It is not the teachers or the followers/leaders that is going to move your dance forward, it is you. It’s hard work but you still love it! If you apply to this level, you must be prepared to do an audition.

PLEASE NOTE that we reserve the right to move anyone to another level, if it is the firm opinion of the teachers. If you have signed up for track 2 or 3, you must be ready to do an audition, should you be asked.

With the unlikely event that there are too few students registered at one level, we reserve the right to cancel it. If that is the case you will receive full reimbursement.


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